Love & War

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Artist: CheeseIshGude
Info: Amoura's dear pet chick!


Artist: Natsuki
Info: n/a

Artist: LittleYosh
Age: 16
Birthday: July 5

Personality: Kyle is a pretty laid back kind of guy. Usually he doesn't care about anything unless someone messes with his stuff. He is a big anime nerd aka otaku, and likes to stay inside. The only time you will see him outside is when he is walking while listening to music. He's easily flustered and over conscious about the things he say which makes him shy. When you get to know him, he is really outgoing and hyper. Kyle likes to draw, play on the computer and chat while playing music, read manga books, and relax.
History: Kyle lives in a family of 3. His mother, father, and him. He comes from a rich family but doesn't really enjoy it. He used to sneak out and walk around the town to relax a little. Kyle used to be bully a lot as a child which made him quiet and not socialize with other people. So far he has 5 friends and others that he talk too but consider them as peeps. He used to be a skater boarded once, but stopped since he got into an accident on his leg.
Thoughts of Co-eding: He does not really care about co-ed with the girl school since he's pretty laid back, but he finds girls really annoying.
-He is really bad at pronouncing Japanese names. So he gives everybody with a hard Japanese name a nickname. XD (Oh the irony.)
-Kyle is also really sarcastic when you get to know him but really nice at heart. He sometimes likes to be mean and play the opposite but only does it a little.
-He can't stand listening to girls nag so he turns up his music to block them out.
-Kyle is also a very smart kid and makes straight As (Some may be Bs too XD; but sshhhh)but he doesn't like to show that he is smart.
-He has a Boston accent. D8

Artist: psyco_kid_360
Age: 16
Birthday: February 25

Personalty he is really laid back, to the point of being extremely lazy, he also can be alittle eccentric, and he doesnt think before he acts most of the time. bio: his parents where very strict and because they knew he was really smart (almost genius level) and not working to his full potential because of the other gender they sent him to a all boys school...yeah that didnt work out as planned.
he loves the idea of a coed school because he loves girls :D alot

Artist: *Suki*
Age: 18
Birthday: August 18

Personality: Quiet, smart remarks when spoken to, and this is with ANYBODY.;;
Bio: Hot and pretty, right? WRONG. (Well, at least HE thinks so.;;)Tsukimoto has a pretty infamous reputation around the Male school, and the last thing he needs is to have a bad reputation in a girls' school. His attitude makes him hard to approach(yet admired by it by some). But that's not the only thing. He's PERMANENTLY sick( hence the face mask ), which might also be the reason for his well-known attitude. Teachers are always easy on him, which makes him even MORE mad. All that aside, he's a pretty nice guy. (( Kind of hard to believe after all that, right? xDD;; ))

Artist: bAbY_AbAlOnE
Age: 17
Birthday: March 16

Personality: He is an arrogant, self-centered person, hopelessly in love with himself, who thinks he's so charming and handsome. The only thing that can save him from himself is his 'baby sister' who is studying in Lavachelle All-Girls school, whom he is violently over-protective of. He has no sense of direction. And he speaks before he thinks, thus resulting in offending numerous people. In other words, he is just known as the 'idiot'.
Co-ed: EXCITED! He can spend more 'quality time' with his sister!
Random fact: He is actually a pretty good chef.

Lucien Armana
Artist: Rain-hime
Age: 16
Birthday: December 24
Height: 5'3"
Likes: Reading, rain, coffee, the night, quiet or soft music
Dislikes: the color pink, really girly and preppy girls, bitter things, waking up in the morning, his brother

Personality: smart, sarcastic, lazy, somewhat cold hearted, once in love he usually tries to become friends with the girl then if they're together he treats her like a princess, easily blushes when in love but when he loses interest he immediately dumps her
Bio: He had a normal childhood. Although he hates his brother with a passion. If he were to see his brother or here that hes coming to visit he would run out of the room in a flash. When he was in elementary school his brother took him to a friends house and his brother and his brother's friend would often toy with him and play dress up with him whether it be cosplay, girls clothe or any other form of clothing. Other than his older brother he has an older sister. Hes the youngest in the family so he was often spoiled. He is partially blind in his left eye. His dad walked out on them when he was in middle school and his mom has taken care of them since.
-sleeps during class/lunch during lunch often found sleeping in a tree
-secretly hates that the school is going coed because he doesnt want to deal with girls [AKA Lazyness]
-was on the student council in elementary school and in middle school
-nickname is Princess

Akito Otomi
Artist: Kawaii_Tenshi
Age: 17
Birthday: January 19
Height: 5'9"

Personality: Aki is a quiet Kind of guy. He's actually probably one of the smartest people in his school. He cares a lot about his little sister Misaki, so he tends to be a little too protective over her sometimes but thats only because of some things that happened so he's not in very good terms with his father and his mother died when he was in middle school and Misaki was in elementary. They're dad didn't really seem to care about them after they're mom died and so He decided that he's gonna have to take care of Misaki himself. He studies a lot so that he can get a good part time job soon (and after high school and college a good full time job) so that he Can get Misaki and himself out of the house and away from his father. He's actually pretty happy that the schools are merging because that means he can stay with Misaki more but other than that he doesn't really care about it. He usually only wears glasses when he's reading or working but other than that he prefers not to wear them.

Dante Dimaro
Artist: Mousey
Age: 17
Birthday: September 26
Height: 6'0"
Likes: Working on cars, eating, dogs
Dislikes:Being interrupted, his natural hair color (platinum blonde)

Bio: Dante is, generally speaking, a bit of a stoic person, and he can be a jerk if someone disturbs him. This is a problem for him, since he spends a lot of time thinking, leading him to snap at almost anyone who talks to him, including the teachers. Thanks to this, he's developed a little bit of a reputation as a mean guy, though he isn't once you get to know him. He doesn't seem to mind the lack of friends thanks to this though, since he also spends a surprising amount of time studying.
While he doesn't seem to be the nicest person in the world on the outside, he isn't heartless. He has a little English shepherd dog named Cappuccino--he calls her Cappy--who he loves to pieces and spends a lot of time playing with. Dante also gets along well with his family. He's also got younger twin brothers and an older sister, and loves both his parents very much.
Dante also has a "healthy" appetite, and tends to eat what seems like way too much food for one person, eating between every class, and sometimes IN class, whether or not the rules allow it. He also works part time in a mechanic's shop, but he doesn't tell people what he's saving his money for.
He's a little worried about merging schools since he thinks girls will bother him a lot with constant gossip and gabbing, but he doesn't care enough to really think TOO much of it.

Roscoe Collins
Artist: Starberry
Age: 16
Birthday: December 2
Likes: fun times, pranks, skipping class and videogames also swimming!
Dislikes: lectures and being bored

Personality: Roscoe is what you may call the class clown, he doesnt liek school too boring and will do anything to skip class, he isnt picky and will do just about anything very social he talks to anyone and never shows sadness.
History: Roscoe isn't really accepted by their parents than Robert is because he isn't that well a kid.
Co-ed: Roscoe hates it, he finds girls the most annoying thing

Robert Collins
Artist: Starberry
Age: 16
Birthday: December 2
Likes: older girls and sports
Dislikes: everything roscoe likes

Personality: Robert isn't that goofy but he isn't serious either, he is what yu might call a player ;; never serious about a girl and flirts with all, he is a bit shallow also and blunt.
History: Robert is mean to Roscoe but he never lets it get to him. He promised himself this long ago....
Co-ed: Robert loves ittt.

Jiro Bennet
Artist: VanityAngel
Age: 17
Birthday: May 20
Height: 5'10" Likes: Lounging around, the occult, and pizza. Lots of it.
Dislikes: Puppies D:

Bio: Jiro is half Japanese and half English. He was born in his mother's homeland--Kyoto, Japan. His mother fell in love with his English father who was visiting Japan due to business issues. Rather than being arrogant and nonchalant, he is more of a lazy person, but he rarely shows emotions because of his laziness. He walks around really slow, relaxed, and speaks softly. He is more of the loner type, but talks to people from time to time. When he does talk, he purposely saids something about the occult which creeps people out but they still like him. He also tends to appear from thin air suddenly when people are talking. The thing about Jiro is that whenever he catches his reflection on something, whether it be a mirror, water, glass, anything--he becomes a narcissist. (EXAMPLE: He looks at his reflection and starts blushing. "Those beautiful ink, black eyes...those lips and that flawless pale skin. Is there anyone as beautiful as you?")He even calls Kei (Natsuki's character) his 'rival' because he too is one of the 'blessed ones.'
Co-ed: He actually doesn't mind it because he is curious about girls. He has gone to all boy schools his entire life so he has never really interacted with girls.

Liam Song

Artist: Kioushan
Info: n/a

Maya De Luca
Artist: VanityAngel
Age: 17
Birthday: October 28
Height: 6'3
Likes: teasing Jiro, playing mind games, playing around with girls, ceramics, and making pizza for Jiro.
Dislikes: people getting in his way, anyone who tries to get close to Jiro, bugs, bugs, BUGS!
Personality: Maya is of Italian ethnicity. He is extremely manipulative, selfish, malicious, and jealous. He is possessive of anything he sees to be his, including Jiro. If you try to get close to what is 'his', he will make you wish you were dead. He is very cunning and sly. He and Jiro are childhood friends. They met in a garden where Jiro was studying a book on learning to speak English, he had just moved from Japan at the time. Maya had just lost his parents in an accident and had run heart broken and blindly into the forest which lead to Jiro's house which was rumored to be haunted. There he met the nonchalant Jiro who comforted him and ever since, he has held Jiro to be his number one person. His life practically revolves around him. As they grew older, Jiro had been pursued by different people but Maya drove them all away without Jiro knowing there was ever anyone to begin with. This may also be the cause why Jiro only has people he knows, but no friends other than Maya.
Despite having a horrible personality, Maya actually has a few good points. He loves spending hours in the Ceramics department, creating beautiful pottery. When he isn't with Jiro, that is usually where you will find him. He also does not drink or smoke, as he finds it stupid to harm your body like that. He is also an animal lover.
Maya is deathly afraid of bugs. If he sees a bug anywhere near him, he will start freaking out like a girl.

Jack Moore
Artist: Lackadaisy
Age: 17
Height: 5'10
Jack has the mildness and elegance of Japan combined with the mannerisms of England. He's sweet and genuine. He's a gentleman, and he knows the value of women -- he was raised in a nearly all female household. He spends his summers in England. This caused his style to be slightly punkish, though not really.
He DOES NOT have an English accent.
He also doesn't tolerate unfaithfulness. That's was another result of his brainwashi-- I mean upbringing.
He doesn't mind joining a co-ed school. After all, he's used to women...
By the way, he's Laelia's cousin. There is absolutely no family resemblance at all except for that one curly hair on his head that the two of them both have.
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