Love & War

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Leilani Ceran
Artist: Yumaii-Arume
Age: 16
Birthday: November 22
Height: 5'4"
Likes: Mango-Passion Fruit Juice w/ marshmellows on top, Stars, Stuffed Bears, Snakes.
Dislikes: Candycorn, Darkness, Dogs, Obnoxious Slackers, Gum.

Personality: Lelani is an enthusiasic, honest, intense girl. She's very goal-oriented but doesn't get discouraged if she sometimes fails. And people admire her for that. She's the kind of girl thats likes to know exactly what she's going to do when she wakes up in the morning. And isn't a big fan of surprises. She's kind of loud and isn't afraid to let people know what she thinks. When people are mean to her or when she's sad she isn't afraid to cry infront of people. Which confuses people because they don't expect her perky, upbeat "nothing gonna stop me" attitude to melt away so quickly. She likes to take advantage of every oppurtunity and even if she gets annoyed at people purposely shoving work at her, she'll finish it all and shock them in the end. She gets very competitive at times. And also sometimes bossy and strict. But people realize its just a quick phase of emotion for her.

Amoura de Rose (Means Love of Roses in Italian?)
Artist: CheeseIshGude
Age: 16
Birthday: December 17
Height: 5'1"
Likes: Chicky. Designing clothes -- especially of chicky. Reading
Dislikes: Chicky haters (like, if they make fun of him, her love for him, etc). People judging her. Conspiracy (lol, fighting). Alchohal

Personality: Amoura is a pretty quiet girl, that is -- when people aren't talking to her. She does act like a normal girl, but when something/someone specific is in topic, she may go crazy. For example: someone insults Chicky -> "WTF, DO YOU WANNA FIGHT?! BECAUSE I'LL FIGHT IF YOU WANNA FIGHT! YEAH, LET'S FIGHTTTTTTTT! D:< D:< D:< *punch*" She's a pretty passionate person. If she likes someone, she'll probably just confess the next time she sees him (but due to this, she's been rejected easily).
Background: When she lived in Italy, she was always surrounded by such wondrous arts because she lived close to an art museum. She would visit everyday (or as much as she could) and always loved everything she saw. This inspired her to become artistic, start reading, and design clothing. After she moved to (insert country this collab takes place in), she was lonely. Her parents were always busy, so Amoura moved in with her grandma. Her grandma owned a farm, and Amoura would help tend to the animals. One day, she met Chicky. His adorable and strange round shape and the fact that he never looks any older than his chick form made her adore him. And they became best of friends. Eventually, Amoura made friends and was able to communicate with the people around her. But since she went to an all-girls school, she never interacted with boys much...

Risa Le
Artist: CRYSTAL-
Age: 15
Likes: : Sweets, fruits, tea, pink, bows, books
Dislikes: Spiders, males, her other personality, having no money, small spaces

Description: She's like your normal "princess" character that's in every single anime/manga ever made. Pretty, perfect, nice, popular.. Right? Naw. Risa has a bad case of split personality. She "changes" into the violent and ruthless Risa whenever she is terrified or angry. Because of this, she is somewhat anti-social and doesn't have many friends.
- She is afraid of guys
- It is rumored that she used to be a gang leader and beat up several guys while blindfolded
- Her father is a business man
- She has a twin brother
Co-ed: Being scared of most males, she doesn't want the school to become co-ed, because that means she will have to.. talk to them.. or something...

Cho Chen
Artist: Starberry
Age: 16
Birthday: July 7
Likes: : To help others, animals, hanging out with friends
Dislikes: bullies etc , ketchup and littering

Personality: Cho is really kind and easy-going but firm when she has to be, She loves to help people out who are in trouble . She is very good at keeping secrets and is loyal. She is boy crazy (not to extreme though). She loves to include everyone in activities; especially the new kids. In her spare time she does community work to help the enviornment. She loves children.
History: Originaly from Beijing, she moved to America when she was 9 and loves it here so many different people. Her life's been happy she wouldn't change a thing.
Co-ed: She doesn't care as long as everyone is getting along. ^u^

Lab (Liz Alpho Bitzi)
Artist: Crazy-Fan1
Age: 16

Personality: Lab is a super smart girl that spends mopst of her time in the school lab. She has been given title of "Super dork" by her classmates and is never seen without her googles and gloves. She is very hyper and exicatble, she is also known for exploding up the labs due to failed experiments.
Background: She looks up to her caretaker, her brother, who is a famous scientist and hopes to grow up to be just as good as him. She lost her parents in a plane highjacking when she was 10. Other than that she doesn't have anything depressing in her background..unless you call all the deteions from blowing up the school labs depressing. She likes the idea of a coed school. Lab wants to be able to say she hangs out with other guys than just her brother and hopes some would be more willing to help her with experiments unlike her girl classmates who run from the idea.

Misaki Otomi
Artist: Kawaii_Tenshi
Age: 16
Birthday: June 20
Height: 4'11"

Personality: Misaki is Shy, kind and honest but she has a boy phobia, because of some events that happened, which is why she chose to go to an all-girls school. because of her phobia whenever a boy talks to her she looks down and blushes madly and talks quietly, then Yells at them and runs away. She also has a lack of self confidence because of her phobia and so she doesn't participate in many activity's and doesn't have many friends. Ever since she found out that her school is going to be merging with and all-boys boys school, She decided it would be the right time to try and overcome her phobia since she probably can't keep avoiding boys for the rest of her life. The only boy she probably ever actually talks with is probably her brother. Though her brother is VERY over-protective of her. Also, her clips and ribbon (which I forgot to color DDD:) are red and she always has them on.

Laelia Hoshino
Artist: Lackadaisy
Age: 15
Birthday: April 2
Height: 61"

Personality: Laelia is usually calm and a little spacey, though quite intelligent. She's obsessed about the stars and astrology after an incident in her childhood that she never got over. She tends to be rather quiet, watching and smiling from the background, but she has the tendency to pop up and disappear without people noticing. Around boys, she's cold and a little uncomfortable. Because of that, she isn't thrilled about the school becoming co-ed.

Artist: bAbY_AbAlOnE
Age: 15
Birthday: April 8
Likes: Spicy food, money
Dislike: Sweet food(eg, chocolate) cute things

Personality: Xin appears to be a sweet, cute girl, but the fact is, she is an aggresive, sadistic little girl. She loves money, to the point that she had a lot of part-time jobs. She kinds of(?) hate her brother who is over-protective of her. Plus, she is a trouble magnet, as she hates following the rules, however, she always manage to get away with anything. (she has her ways >;D )
Co-ed: Annoyed, now her brother won't stop following her.
Random fact: She is actually pretty good in her academic performance.

Artist: Orphie
Age: 16
Birthday: May 11
Height: 5’ 7”
Likes: Animals, games, singing, broccoli, sour cream
Dislike: Fish, insects, peaches

Personality: Serena is pretty much fearless. And blunt. Ever truthful, she’ll say what’s on her mind without thinking about the consequences. And she won’t sugar coat things, either. She can be a bit of a klutz, so she avoids high-heels and most sports, but will occasionally run into a door or a wall or something (not head on, mind you, but with her shoulder, leg, etc.). Because of her blunt nature, some people easily get insulted around her without realizing that she means well. Serena avoids conflicts and is always happy. When she’s insulted or someone is rude to her, she acts like nothing happened and brushes it off quickly.
Past: Serena lives with her mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Her mother was single when she had Serena and since Serena was little, they stayed with her grandparents for financial reasons. Otherwise, there’s nothing of importance that happened to Serena.
Co-ed: She doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to her.
- She has always had some sort of pet. Serena especially loves dogs.
- When she was 10, she had to have her appendix removed.
- Her favorite color is periwinkle, only because the name sounds cool.
- Her grades are pretty good even though she never studies.
- In elementary school, her nickname was Turtle.

Artist: *Suki*
Age: 18
Birthday: August 15
Likes: Friendly people, funny people and great personalities.
Dislike: Rude people. Arrogance and braggarts.

Personality: Sonya is very appreciative of everything around her. Even the ground beneath her feet. She feels that if she takes something for granted again, it'll slip out of her hands, so she mastered a quick personality change in order to maintain happiness.
-She's looking forward to meeting new friends.
-Just like most girls in the school, she wants to have fun with the boys, but acts normal with them as if they were girls. She treats everyone alike.
-More cool and funny people to meet!
-Tsukimoto is her half brother.
-Sonya has two cats and one bird.
-Sonya possesses a mild narcolepsy and is a bit anemic.
-The last time she took something for granted, it faded and never came back. This was when Sonya used to be mean.
-Sonya's eyes glow green whenever she's scared, surprised/embarrassed, or angry.

Artist: xStarrii
Age: 15
Height: 5'3"
Likes: Video games, chocolate
Dislike: Bad plot and terrible gameplay in games, carrots, storms

Personality: She's over reactive at things most people could careless about and under reactive when it comes to thing most people are surprised about. A pretty loud and clumsy girl but caring when it comes to her buddies. Not very dense but act's innocent to get out of confusing situations. Once class starts she's becomes very serious. Background: She lives alone in an apartment as her mother has business trips and sends her money to pay the rent & get food and clothes once a month. Her father left her and her mother when the goings got tough, surprisingly her mother did better with out him and became a world known Fashion Designer.
Co-ed: Doesn't care. Honestly she blushes a bit without noticing whenever there's a guy in front of her.
-Her natural hair was black but she dyed it because she was told she looked a lot like her father.
-Owns several games.
-Long sleeves cover her hands all the time unless she's playing a game or when it's Summer and too hot.
-Dislikes any men older than her by 2 years and above.

Name Unknown
Artist: CRYSTAL-
Nickname: "Seven" because that's her number on the attendance list.
Likes: Spiders, silence, candles, comics, dark magic, photography (secretly)
Dislikes:Loud people, going outside, bright sunlight.

Personality: She is easily angered, but also easily amused. If she hates you, she will hold a grudge for a very long time. She likes bugs and death, and everything else in between. If she hates someone a lot, she will curse that person by the means of voodoo or stalking.
-She runs a secret STALKING SERVICE.
-This service provides it's clients with information about any chosen person in the school.
-Many girls used this service to blackmail each other before it became a co-ed school.
-She likes the co-ed school idea because it means more customers.

Hailee Kim
Artist: psyco_kid_360
Nickname: Tatsu-kun
Age: 15
Birthday: November 5th
Likes: juice, martial arts, kendo, short hair, guy clothes, samurai manga, fighting with her cousin, apples and oranges.
Dislikes: skirts, make-up,apricots, avocados, shoujou manga, her real name.

Personality: Tatsu-kun isn't a lesbian she just prefers to act like a guy, she was raised like a boy around boys. She can be very competitive with anything especially to her cousin (Owen), most people can't tell what gender she is, and unless you knew the school she went to you wouldn't. Otherwise only Owen knows and her parents and siblings. She refuses to wear the uniform.
Bio: Her mother wanted her to act more feminine and sent her to the girl's school where she was immediately sent to the principal's office because the other girls thought she was a boy. Now she is star of the martial arts team and plays kendo too. She is ecstatic that the guys are coming because she thinks it's easier to talk to guys.
-She speaks fluent Korean.

Ai Hu Li
Artist: xStarrii
Age: 15
Birthday: July 7th
Likes: Romance, Humor, Foxes, Fuzzyness, Magazines, Shojo
Dislikes: Unamusing things, Ugly things, bugs

Personality: Ai is one of those type of persons that you either hate or love. She may judge you by your looks at first if you dont give her a second look, She'll also take any challenges you shoot at her as she is a determined person. She normally doesnt bother with things that dont concern her, but if it does concern her or anyone close to her she'll sneak up and stalk the suspect unnoticed and find every single detail she sees or hear like a fox~ She's kinda Doubled-Personality since she may act rude and seemingly putting herself infront of others and not do much, yet in a lovey mood, gets all hyped uped and big-eyed.
The title "Match-Maker": Randomly pairing people up, Ai loves Lovey-dovey. Giving advice to those who are "troubled-in-paradise" or just starting out is one of what she does best. She also adores planning out dates and finding a way to hook-up others.
Bio: Living with 3 brothers and helping them in club practices makes her do very well in sports, but not very well at looking at other boys as "men". *Brother-complex, maybe? Hoho, just kidding >3>*
-Shojo-y Romance turns her into an obbsesed otaku. -Secert undying love for Shounen-Ai.
-May spit out some Mardarin or Cantonese words.
-Will appear in the comic as a transfer student if thats okay.
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